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Energy Efficiency

Heartland Homes incorporates the most innovative and efficient building materials into the construction of every home we build.  We are proud to be recognized as an energy efficent builder which ensures that your home has been built to some of the toughest industry standards.  When you combine our Fit and Finish, Code + and energy efficient construction processes you will find that the energy costs on your Heartland home will typically be about 50% lower than homes built using methods and materials usually used by other local builders (See below).  As energy costs continue to escalate your investment in a Heartland Home will pay you dividends every month in utility savings and you will find long-term benefits in generally higher resale values.


Built by
Heartland Homes
$105.00 per month
average electric cost

 Built by a non-energy efficient builder 
 $186.00 per month average electric cost


The utility costs shown here were supplied by OG&E which represent a 12 month average for both homes.  As you can see because of the extra steps and innovations that Heartland Homes utilizes during the construction process their owners benefit from substantially lower utility costs. As energy costs continue to escalate this homeowner will experience even greater savings each month compared to their neighbors.


The strict energy efficient and Code+ Construction standards that are utilized by Heartland Homes ensure that your home will be energy efficient, comfortable, safe, secure and durable for years to come.


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