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Code + Construction

Heartland Homes is committed to build to the strictest standards and beyond during the construction of your new Heartland Home. Throughout the design and construction process Heartland Homes addresses the local and national code requirements and goes above and beyond their requirements to ensure that every Heartland Home is the most energy efficient, comfortable, safe, secure and durable home available on the market today.

Here are a few examples of Heartlands Code + Construction:

Minimum Code Requirement Heartland Minimum Standard
2x4 utility grade wall framing

Stud grade wall framing (straighter, stronger walls)

R-11 wall insulation Blown-in-Batt Fiberglass R-19 wall assembly (80% more than code requires)
R-30 ceiling insulation Blown-in R-38 Fiberglass
Single glazed windows Double-pane, LowE, Vinyl (greater energy efficiency and reduces fading of carpets and furniture, lower maintenance)
2500 psi concrete 3500 psi concrete
Wood or asphalt shingles

Architectural grade laminated shingles (30 year warranty)

Oklahoma is one of the few states that does not require homebuilders or general contractors be licensed or undergo any sort of continuing education in order to build homes. Heartland Homes has been a charter member in the Certified Home Builder Program that was developed by the Oklahoma State Homebuilders Association with the goal of raising the knowledge level of Oklahoma builders and establishing a strict Code of Ethics to ensure quality construction and safer homes for Oklahomans. All Heartland Homes are inspected periodically during construction by its staff of Certified Builders in addition to third party independent inspectors that are brought in at key points of the building process to ensure top quality construction.