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Air Purification

Americans are spending more time indoors. The construction of homes and buildings has grown tighter reducing the amount of air infiltration from the outside and as more synthetic materials are introduced into our living spaces that emit potentially toxic gases and fumes, the quality of the air in our homes has decreased dramatically. Indoor air quality is now recognized as one of America's #1 heath risks.

Heartland has recognized this problem and now incorporates an optional Air Purification System into homes we build. The Air Purification System can be added to the central heating and air conditioning system and uses a Germicidal Ultraviolet Light to continuously sterilize and purify the indoor air supply. This technology has been used in hospitals and medical facilities for decades and is a requirement for all federal government buildings.

The Air Purification system covers the entire home and works 24/7 requiring no maintenance and continuously kills & permanently eliminates more than 99% of the airborne mold, mildew, fungi, viruses, bacteria, pollens, spores & dust mites from the indoor air you breathe. You and your family can rest assured that you have a cleaner and healthier environment and the Air Purification System greatly reduces issues with allergies, asthma, sinus problems, odors and dust.

Heartland recently received the Innovator of the Year Award for the Air Purification System which is just one of the new technologies and processes that Heartland uses during the construction of all of our homes to make sure you have a safe and healthy home.

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